METACONCEPT offers a complete and modular mass finishing line comprising:

A vacuum unit with horizontal filters (2 to 4 filters depending on the configuration)

A circular vibrator with an upward movement

  • Various capacities: 25L – 50L -100L -200L – 300L – 400L – 600L
  • Manual or automatic single or double output
  • Sound-proof cover


A timer control panel (5 programmes)

  • Reverse rotation
  • Control of 1 to 3 vibrators

Respect for the environment

  • Recycling of polymer chips and metallic dust
  • Operation using a non-polluting abrasive (no additives)
  • Less wear from chips
  • No oxidisation of parts (zamak) due to moisture


Time savings

  • Up to a 20% reduction in the life cycle depending on the parts in question
  • Increased productivity

User friendliness

  • Operating comfort
  • Ease of control for the operator
  • Independent process and modular programming
  • Sanitation of your production room
  • Elimination of:
    • Water
    • Liquid soap
    • Wastewater treatment
    • Sludge treatment
    • Drying
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