Metal prices

Welcome on our real time metals quotations module

The metals quotations are fundamental to our business.
The main base in Europe is the London Metal Exchange (LME). This institution provides the quotation of the main metals used in our business and the euro/dollar exchange rate as each metal is quoted in dollars.

Our IT tools enable us to follow in live the metals quotations and the daily fixing called “Settlement”.
Thanks to this information, we can define an official base essential to all our operations.

However, these LME quotations are stock-market values only.
The physical purchase of primary metals are subjected to premium corresponding to associated expenses (warehousing, transport, financial charges, …)

For a total transparency in our relationships with our customers and suppliers, we are pleased to provide you with these metals quotations converted directly in Euro.
We are also studying the possibility to send you automatically these quotations on your work support (emails, push notifications on your Smartphone).
We will inform you soon about this project.