Our business continuity planning

To respond to the Covid-19 outbreak and the first containment announcement on March 17th 2020, METACONCEPT Group has implemented severe precautions to ensure safe working conditions for the safety and well-being of or our employees, while maintaining the link with you thanks to phone and mail contacts as well as videoconferencing.

Production continues with safe working processes and procedures. We adjust regularly our team in order to ensure continuity of the supply of products. Our current operational capacity is described below.

For your orders and enquiries:

• Our sales team can be reached by phone or preferably by mail on their usual contact details.
• Your enquiries via our website will be answered as early as possible.

For deliveries and tracking:

• Our logistics platform is operational with a partial time organisation.
• We proceed to deliveries at the rate of 2 or 3 weekly departures. We do our best to avoid any trouble due to transport.
• We ship your orders with our usual transport partners with whom we have implemented safe working procedures.
• We accept goods collections from regulated transport companies, provided that their drivers respect the physical barrier recommendations and stay in their truck cabin during the loading operations.

For receipt of goods:

• Our logistics platform is operational with a partial time organisation.
• For goods receipts, we proceed by appointment before any delivery (Phone number +33 (0) 607 764 954)

The transport drivers have to respect the physical barrier recommendations and to stay in their truck cabin during the unloading operations. We remind you below your main contact persons:


Stéphane KARPOFF : skarpoff@metaconcept.fr – 06 74 17 20 68
Joël ARSAC : jarsac@metaconcept.fr – 07 62 72 38 25
Matthieu RAYMONDIE : mraymondie@metaconcept.fr – 07 79 51 11 69
Sales administration: adv@metaconcept.fr
Logistics : logistique@metaconcept.fr

METACONCEPT International:

Muriel MOLLIER-SABET : mmollier@metaconcept.fr – 06 86 80 12 59
Thierry BEDOUET : tbedouet@metaconcept.fr – 06 99 32 20 44
Sales administration: advexport@metaconcept.fr
Logistics: logistique@metaconcept.fr


Patrick BERNARD : pbernard@metaconcept.fr – 06 13 73 86 72
Sales administration and logistics: recyclage@metaconcept.fr

We are working together to continue our current business, despite these unique circumstances. Thank you again for your trust and flexibility.

Christophe EVRAT, CEO