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Flat bars and bars are made from pure metals or alloys and are available in different types of packaging. These products are mainly used in building, the automotive industry, the electrical and electromechanical industries, electronics and white metal casting. They can be used alone to fill and/or top up tinning baths. They are also used for traditional brazing. In this case, they are combined with a flux so that the parts can be pickled before soldering. The METACONCEPT Group collects used baths, off- cuts, scraps and white metal oxides. Contact our recycling department to find out more.


Item no.
Density g/cm3
Approximate weight
FE055013 Flat bar
Sn30 – Pb70
26 x 22 x 9 x 395 mm
183°C- 250°C
800 g
25 kg bundle
FE054993 Flat bar
Sn33 – Pb67
26 x 22 x 9 x 395 mm
183°C- 243°C
800 g
25 kg bundle
FE054992 Flat bar
Sn – Pb + additifs
26 x 22 x 9 x 395 mm
181°C – 245°C
800 g
25 kg bundle
FE055016 Flat bar
Sn60 – Pb40
26 x 22 x 9 x 395 mm
183°C- 235°C
800 g
25 kg bundle
FE028929 Pure lead
flat bar
26 x 22 x 9 x 395 mm
800 g
25 kg bundle
FE035273 Pure tin
flat bar*
26 x 22 x 9 x 395 mm
800 g
20 kg bundle
FE051719 Alloy bar
Sn – Pb – Bi
26 x 22 x 9 x 395 mm
183°C – 253°C
1 kg
25 kg bundle
MF051688 Bar Sn60
Sn60 – Pb40
380 x 28 x 10 mm
183°C- 190°C
1 kg
20 kg box
FE051726 Bar
SAC305 *
Sn96,5 – Cu0,5 – Ag3
20 x 20 x 295 mm
217°C- 219°C
1 kg
20 kg box
FE051691 Bar *
Sn96,5 – Ag3,5
20 x 20 x 295 mm
221°C- 230°C
1 kg
20 kg box
FE052236 Bar *
Sn99,3 – Cu0,7
20 x 20 x 295 mm
230°C- 240°C
1 kg
20 kg box

(*) Lead-free alloys – European standard no. 2000 / 53 / CE

Dimensions and weights are always given for informational purposes only and may vary depending on the production run.

Flux pour targettes et barres

Item no.
DE031855 Flux PC1 (liquid) – 250 ml Bottle with applicator brush Together with META 28,30,33,40,50 and META-ZINC flat bars
EO700960 Flux ZN11 (liquid) – 1 l Can Together with META 28,30,33,40,50 and META-ZINC rods
CO011269 Flux Radsol (liquid) – 25 l Can Together with ”EN alloy” bar
CO010454 Flux Alpha A83 – 25 l Can For electronic and industrial electrical applications


Sn30 – Sn33 – Sn40 and META-ZINC flat bars Zinc metal work, coverings, plumbing, tinning baths
Pure lead flat bars Ballasts, munitions
Pure tin flat bars Surface treatments including tinning cookware, brassware.
“EN” bars Dip tinning for baths. This alloy has been developed for high temperature applications such as soldering materials insulated with a polyurethane layer and for which a high temperature is essential for burning off the insulating layer and enabling the tinning process. Very slight oxidation of the bath
Sn60 bars Tinning and industrial, electrical and electromechanical assemblies.
SAC305,Sn96,5 – Ag3,5
and Sn99,3 – Cu0,7 bars
Lead-free alloys specifically for use in tinning baths for copper wires and electronic components. For feeding wave soldering machines For industrial electrical and electromechanical applications.


The product safety information sheet below is available upon request from the METACONCEPT Group.

Solder bars are generally used to fill baths for assembling parts via dipping or passing them under a wave (performed on the surface of the bath). In all cases, the parts being assembled must be pre-treated (cleaned + fluxed).

The temperature of the bath must be brought to around 20°C above the liquidus temperature.
The T010-type deoxidising powder traps oxides that may be present on the surface of the bath.
Covering the bath with grease also helps to prevent the appearance of oxides.
Flat bars can be used as described above and, more generally, in manual procedures using a propane or oxy-acetylene blow torch or a soldering iron.
The parts must be brought to a temperature of around 15°C to 20°C above liquidus. Melt the filler metal onto the parts being assembled to form a regular bead.

Allow the parts to cool without moving them. When the parts have returned to room temperature, brush the soldering beads using a metallic brush. If necessary, clean the assembly with fresh water or water with a touch of citric or formic acid (1 to 2 %).

Precautions for use

To prevent burns caused by the molten metal, it is advisable to wear a protective apron, shoes, gloves, helmet and glasses.
Do not smoke at the workstation.
The workstation must be well ventilated.
Wash your hands when leaving the workstation.

Comments :
Always use a flux suited to the intended use. Contact our technical department to ascertain which product is most suited to your application.

All of the information contained in this document is provided for informational purposes only and the METACONCEPT Group will not be held liable for it.