The French leader in non-ferrous metals, soldering consumables, Babbitt and low melting temperature alloys.


METACONCEPT is the French specialist in non-ferrous alloys and fluxes used in soft soldering, brazing, welding and any other industrial application requiring the use of metals in any form (ingots, bars, rods, wires, laminates, powders, preforms, etc.).

METACONCEPT France, the division of the METACONCEPT Group responsible for the domestic market, METACONCEPT France has an eight-person strong sales team. It offers a range of products for retailers/distributors or manufacturers in sectors as diverse as aeronautics, automotive, construction, food, nuclear, medical, tableware, costume jewellery, fashion… and generally all industries using tin-based alloys in their production processes.


As the export division of the METACONCEPT Group, METACONCEPT International operates in global markets elinked to the Maghreb countries, parts of America, Asia, Europe, the Pacific, Russia and the Middle East.

It has a sales force comprised of four employees serving clients in more than 50 countries. .

A truly multilingual team (French, German, Italian, Spanish, English, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese), the export division is responsible for operations internationally.

METACONCEPT International also manages French-based export retailers.


As part of its ongoing commitment to quality and to meet growing client demand, the METACONCEPT Group has established a recycling division exclusively dedicated to the recycling and recovery of scrap metals. This service is offered in collaboration with qualified and certified companies with the support of an exclusive internal separation system for complex waste (tin-, lead- or silver-based).

Thanks to the exclusive system, this internal complex metal processing service enables components of tin-, lead- or silver -based waste to be separated and residues to be redistributed to other locations or for other uses. This system optimises the waste recovery process and ensures that all the qualities of the extracted metal are retained. What’s more, it doesn’t generate any pollution.